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Posted by HYBSA on Aug 18 2020 at 06:48PM PDT

Please find the attached program descriptions for fall baseball and softball with the registration links embedded in them. We delayed the opening of registration purposely while awaiting any changes in state protocols. While we remain in Phase 3, baseball and softball games can be played safely as proven by summer seasons. That said, there is a quick turnaround for registration and with many families holding credits from the spring season, registration is unorthodox.

If you complete the attached link(s), it represents a full commitment to playing even though we are not asking for immediate payment. Instead, we will rectify balances on a case by case basis with families. Credits will posted where they should be and where payments are due, we will require manual payment as the season approaches.

Assuming we stay in our current posture and can play, softball formats are well established but baseball formats will depend on registration numbers. Where we have enough players to run an in-house league we will. Otherwise, we will partner with neighboring towns. The in-house options obviously give us more flexibility around scheduling but either way we will do our best to work around other town sports with the disclaimer that there isn’t always a way to do so perfectly. Let’s hope Covid numbers decrease going forward and we can get kids out on the field in a fun but safe setting.


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Fall Baseball

Fall Softball

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