March 22 update

Posted by HYBSA on Mar 22 2020 at 04:52PM PDT

It’s certainly been a crazy stretch and while youth sports may rank low on the list of life events being disrupted, we thought we would provide an update. It goes without saying that the remainder of the indoor clinics have been cancelled. From there, very little is certain. In short, we are preparing for best and worst case scenarios simultaneously.

If anyone needs additional confirmation that we live in an incredible community, we reached out to our sponsors this week, who couldn’t have been more supportive. Collectively they are committed to this season if we have one and if we don’t they will roll their sponsorship over to next year. As a result, we are finalizing uniforms that will either be put to use this spring or will be put in storage until spring of 2021.

Most importantly, we at HYBSA hope you and families are all safe and healthy. Don’t forget to throw the ball in the yard. Hopefully we need those arms warmed up sooner rather than later!


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